Bollywood Fest​ival is Norway's biggest Bollywood festival since 2003

About us

The Festival is a nonprofit organization devoted to a greater appreciation of Indian cinema and culture by showcasing films, supporting emerging filmmakers, recognizing the leadership of entertainment industry performers and business executives, and promoting the diverse perspectives of the Indian diaspora.

By bringing the best of Indian cinema to Norway, Bollywood Festival Norway presents the city and the film industry with a singular platform that fosters creative and technical talent.

Every year BFN celebrates the success of cinema in Norway and gives entertainment for people to enjoy. Focusing on films, Bollywood Festival Norway brings the best of talent to Norway for events such as Bollywood Musical night and Bollywood Dance evening.

The Annual Thing

Our main focus is screening of new films and old classics, but lately we have added more side events like fashion shows and concerts

Nasrullah Qureshi

Festival Director

Bollywood is huge, and perhaps the best in film productions with dance, songs and glamour from India. However, it also produced a lot of films that are important to focus on, Movies of the artistic high class which often do not get going right up to the Nordic countries, the festival brings them to the Norwegian public. It is only possible to do this kind of festival with support of the Indian film industry, artists, film-distributors, friends around the world, family and festival team.

The festival has been held every year since 2003. It requires a comprehensive organization based on voluntary involvement of a number of people. One of our main aims is to develop the festival, from a primarily Norwegian-Indian project to a more international festival, based on cooperation with similar companies in other countries. 

The Festival in 2010 had great Super stars like Salman Khan and other personalities who contributed to the festival. They got media coverage not only in Norway but also abroad. The festival has so far been organized by a mini-team, but we want to bring in more new people to do things better and reach a bigger audience. This is a festival with the unique combination of film at the cinema, live music and the best dance performances from India, Norway, UK, Poland and many other parts of the world.


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