Become a Volunteer

Become a volunteer

Live your Passion while to work, Share your joy while you help and become a passionate team player.

Bollywood Festival Norway relies on the generosity and dedication of volunteers year-round. We seek volunteers locally, nationally, and internationally, who share a commitment to supporting the Festival's Mission. Volunteers are vital to all of the festival's programs.  

Bollywood Festival Norway seeks energetic, highly motivated team players with a passion for film and a desire to enrich the community of Hindi Cinema & Norway. Strong English speaking skills are required, although those who speak other languages, particularly Norwegian, will be very valuable to us. we offer the chance for unpaid internships in several organizational fields.


  • Gain experience with a large-scale international event 
  • Have the opportunity to network and meet other film fans 
  • Learn new skills (or practice old ones) 
  • Have the opportunity to earn vouchers that can be exchanged for tickets to film screenings 
  • Earn a special Participation Certificate (when minimum shift and attendance requirements are met)

Make new friends and have fun! How to Volunteer with Bollywood Festival Norway? Be a part of the action and volunteer with Bollywood Festival Norway! As one of our grandest events to date, we'll need a stellar team of volunteers to make the Festival a remarkable experience for all our guests. Get involved, meet new people, and discover the latest in international cinema. 

If interested please get in touch with your personal and professional details by writing to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.