Bollywood Festval Norway to have Health and Yoga Day on 11th September 2016

international yoga day june india

With Yoga and Health Day, the festival aims at the harmonious unison between a human being’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Brace up for the asans and meditation, watch spectacular Yogic dance and drama.

Enjoy one day practising Yoga. Yoga is all about doing things right, its about loving, the self, others, creation and Its creator.

Bollywood Festival Norway along with Linn Ingrid and Jannice of Be Yoga Studio are looking forward to have ou all for the 60 minutes of yoga practice on 11th September 2016 1300 hours onward.

"We want to let everyone know the good yoga feeling - and we hope can inspire as many people as possible to start practising yoga "says Jannice & Linn Ingrid who combines modern science of yoga, with old tradition.

About Be Yoga Studio:
Welcome to Be Yoga Studio We believe everyone should have given the opportunity to practice and prosper with yoga. Our intention is to give you the tools and techniques that can be used to heighten your awareness the body, mind and your inner self ; create a positive balance that will strengthen your self-perception . Come by for a chat and enjoy our lovely oasis of a studio - with two yoga rooms, yoga shop and cafe lounge.