Export of movie 'Maalik' banned: The film which is part of the festival.

A very much disucssed and disputed film from Pakistan which has been banned in Pakistan, as well as export. Bollywood Festival Norway was lucky to get the film before it was banned from foreign viewing and we will have the honor of showing the film at the festival.

The director of the disputed film, Ashir Azeem, was planning to release the film in the Middle East, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia in the last week of August but the government has barred the international screening of the movie that created much hullabaloo in Pakistani media. Ashir Azeem expressed annoyance over the decision and told a local newspaper of his helplessness in this regard.


“I was relying on the court’s decision, but they keep delaying it, and now Maalik’s export has been banned. I’m helpless.” he said.